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Most of us care more about what we put in our cars or what we buy for our houses but what we put in ourself to fuel our bodies is most of the time the least thing we care and think about. That should be the most important decision. You are important and you come first, invest in yourself today and care what you put in your body. We will help and support you with the right food that are real, nutritious and we will provide your body with what it needs to stay energetic, fit and healthy. 

We all had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the food. I do appreciate your efforts in preparing everything at very detailed to ensure that the dinner would be as perfect as possible. And it really was!! All the guest loved your dishes and I am sure that inspired them to cook their own vegan dishes at home. Even more thankful that you made NeNae (our 1.5 year old daughter) enjoyed the vegan dishes. This was far beyond our expectation. :) Look forward to having you in our next possible event! Thanks again.

Sirinuch Chongvatana

- Bangkok

About the Chef


Personal Chef

A passion for food, thirst for exploring, love for sharing and endless creativity is what drives Maricel to inspire people around the world with her healthy, unique plant-based dishes that she constantly creates to motivate people from all walks of life to become more conscious about the food that we eat. Through consultations and personal chef service she has successfully helped people become more aware and healthier on their diet and lifestyle. Sometimes all we need is a helping hand and love and her goal is to support more people around the world to become who they want to be.